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Tall Sex Doll

Realistic Model Shaped Body

Get your tall sex doll in our huge collection, we selected the best and most realistic tall sex doll with a height of more than 158cm(5.2ft)-168cm(5.5ft). They have long and tight legs and arms, like the real supermodel. It’s every man’s dream that having such beauty lying on your bed. Besides, Everyone has a sex fantasy about having sex with the supermodel. They have the perfect body shape and angle look face. Our tall sex dolls are here to fulfill your desire, it’s your dream come true. They are not blow-up sex dolls, they are all made with new TPE and Silicone material, which are popular all over the world. These sex dolls have the most realistic touch feeling, lifelike outlook, and excellent durability. 

A Great Visual Enjoyment

The tall sex dolls are beautiful in different styles, sizes, and heights. Their head is made up by the best makeup artist and looks like a real model in front of you. There are skinny sex dolls, BBW sex dolls, or a young sex doll for you to choose from, some of them have blonde hair, big boobs, and huge ass to achieve the curvey body for satisfying the man. She is not only the sex partner but also a good visual display for the sex doll collector. As the tall sex dolls are mold by real women, and they are perfect so that they can fit on any style of cloth. Therefore, many artists or designers buying them for visual display. 

Move and Pose Like The Real One

In URealdolls, we only use the best material to produce the sex doll. All the tall sex dolls are built-in metal skeleton with 24 joints, so they can pose and move like a real person. “Doggy style”, “Missionary” or any other sex positions your desire will be possible to our love doll. She can never say no if you want to try some new position or want non-stop oral sex with her, she is only here to satisfy your needs. Thanks to the producer of the sex doll, she is extremely well-made, so you don’t need to worry about she is falling apart and break down easily. As long as you take good care of her every time you used her, she can be your longest sex companionship.


  • How tall is the tall sex doll would be? 

Our tall sex doll collection in the height of 158cm(5.2ft)-168cm(5.5ft), we do offer a height lower than 140cm, if you require the lower height of the sex doll, please contact us via [email protected]

  • Why your sex doll is much cheaper than other stores?

First, we have a huge factory which reduces the supply chain, costs and brings more affordable prices to you. 

Second, we have multiple warehouses around the world, we don’t include the shipping fee into the final price(other stores do that).

Third, resellers want more money, we also do, but we want more loyal customers.

  • How can I maintain and take care of my doll?
  1. Use medium-temperature water to clean the doll.
  2. Please do not put the head directly into the water, it could damage the sex doll’s head.
  3. Please clean her vagina, anal and oral after you used it.
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