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Sex doll torso

Cheapest Sex Doll
If you are on the budget but still longing for sexual pleasure, then sex doll torso is the best sex doll for you. Sex doll torso has sexual parts like full body sex doll but is deficient in arms, heads, and legs. Besides, if you are a beginner, but not willing to spend a hundred bucks to get a realistic sex doll, the sex doll torso is here to satisfy your cravings. They are the cheapest sex doll in our store, but also made of high-quality material TPE, which can bring you to explore the lifelike sex experience. The cheaper doesn’t mean the bad. In URealdolls, we got a great quality reputation from our customers who now willing to buy the second one or third one.

Lightweight Masturbation Toy
Sex doll torso is made for fulfilling a man’s sexual desire. And we put our customer experience as the top priority, we create the lightweight sex doll torso for you to carry and move them without any effort. Their weight ranges from 1.65lb to 16.5lb, it’s super easy to hold them. If you don’t have much space in your house, then buy a sex doll torso. They are much smaller than full-body sex dolls, so you can store them anywhere you like. Torso sex doll is the perfect gift and simple to use.

Same feeling as having sex with real women
Sex doll torsos have real-life-like body parts like the vagina, anal. The vagina of a sex doll is molded in the same way as the human body. You won’t be able to find out the difference for sure. They are well-made so they can’t fall out easily.
Torso sex doll features big boobs, or flat chest to meet your needs, has super soft and smooth skin, touch her will be like touch your dream girl. Anytime you are ready, the hole will stay tight only for you. They can hold your weight and you can slide into her as much as you want.


  • What’s the benefit of buying a sex doll torso over a full body sex doll?

Sex doll torso is much cheaper, lighter, smaller than full body sex doll, and it still can bring you the realistic sex experience you desire. Torso sex doll is easy to store and clean as she doesn’t have heads, legs, and arms. You don’t have to spend much time cleaning and maintaining.

  • Why should you consider when buying the sex doll torso?

First, the budget. The budget decides what size sex doll you get.
Second, the material, all the sex doll torsos in our store are made by TPE, so you don’t need to worry about the bad quality sex doll you may get.
Third, shape. All the pictures on our site are 100% real, you can get what you purchased.

  • What size of a torso sex doll should I buy?

Sex doll torso is perfect for everyone, no matter you are a beginner or an experienced one. They have different weights and heights, you can choose the one that fits your needs.

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