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Fat Sex Doll

Curvey & Thick Body
URealdolls offers you the best and hot collection of fat sex dolls. Fat women are feature huge boobs, thick thighs, and big ass. Fat sex dolls have bigger body sizes than young sex dolls and other full-body sex dolls. Huge boobs make the fat sex doll sexier, and easy to cuddle. Lift her thick thigh to feel the strong body. With her big booty, you can feel an exciting and intense sexual experience. Fat sex dolls are mature women, they come from different countries like American, Europe, Asia. No man can refuse such obese beauty.

Soft & Smooth skin
URealdolls take our customer service as our top priority, so we only offer the best quality sex doll for you. All the fat sex dolls are made by the high-quality material TPE, it makes the sex doll super-soft, realistic and durable, can pose any position or act you like. Her huge breast and buttock skin is super smooth and soft like a real woman. You can have non-stop breast sex with her, and she will never say no to you. You will be surprised by her real skin feels, it’s healthy, no harm to your body, non-toxic, and easy to maintain and clean.

Heavy Weight Fun
Fat sex dolls are overweight women. In our store, we bring you the most realistic BBW sex doll mold by real fat women. Some of them are even better than the real ones. We have them with a small waist that you can hold. Half the weight of a real human being of comparable size, which you can move and carry her anywhere you like. A fat sex doll would be your dream girl come true. With the texture vagina, anal, and mouth built inside of her body, you will feel the most lifelike sexual experience with her. She may be heavier than a young sex doll, but a fat sex doll is everyman’s fantasy girl who is super cute, sexy, thick, soft, and large.


  • Why Fat sex doll?

If you like to experience having sex with a fat and big woman, then you come to the right collections. We have different shapes, styles, regions of a fat sex doll. She can fulfill your sex fantasy about thick and chubby women. Let you experience the soft and warm feeling of a fat girl.

  • What is the weight of a fat sex doll?

To achieve the most realistic feeling of a fat sex doll, we keep our 163cm (5.34ft)sex doll weight over 50kg. We believe that you are strong enough to carry and move her. If you want the fat sex doll under height 163cm, weight 50kg, please contact us via online chat or email([email protected])

  • Can she pose the “doggy style” position?

Yes, she was a built-in metal skeleton with 24 joints that can pose any position you like. But she is not a real human, so you need to help her to pose the right position that can be easy for to you penetrate into her.

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