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Curvy Sex Doll

Curvy sex dolls, Huge Collections in all

Adorned with delicate curves in all the right ways, the thorough selection of curvy sex dolls is superior. All the curvy dolls in this selection possess small-sized waists, enormous boobs, and large buttocks to meet the increasing demand around the globe. All of which are tailored to match your desired request. With multiple options indicating their unique curves and sizes, these dolls are assured to please the expected owners. These perfectly crafted figures readily show off their attractive features in the most amazing ways. Get yourself one of these alluring beauties and allow her to change your tiresome nights into memorable moments.

Pleasingly Plump

Rounded Breasts and Sexy Buttocks, in all the right places.

Seductive curves, petite waist, huge breasts, buttocks plump, are all the sensuality of the female body you can imagine where is gathered on this collection. These posable sex dolls are curvy in the breasts, well-defined backside, and widely crafted hips to individual preferences. They are all made of medical-grade TPE/silicone material which touches smooth and soft, the most human-like skin texture. Some aspiring doll owners may be needing a young lovely Asia girl, large tits mature woman, or big butts sexy lady, they all have the same characteristic that is a perfect body curve. Those sporty styles, muscular styles, sweet styles, and tanned skin styles for you to choose from and bring you the same perfect experience as a real person.

Superior Quality

Made with premium TPE or silicone material which is non-toxic and odorless to touch and kiss. The leading advantage of the material is that never goes deformed. So your doll will keep her feminine figure for more than 10 years. She always stays young and never ages, so her skin always touches smooth, silky, and soft which mimics the most lifelike human skin texture.

Made with a stainless steel skeleton inside with flexible joints all over the limbs. The aspiring owners can pose the doll in any sex position, doggy style, missionary style, and spoon style, etc. The head can be rotated for watching different angels as well.

Well-designed details

Her makeup, fingernails, and toenails are put on by professional artists. We understand the finer details are of the utmost importance. We have a professional QC group checking all dolls for imperfections before dispatch. So you can be sure that you will have only the best.


  • 1. How to store my curvy doll?

Consider hanging racks as the best storage option for your curvy sex doll because it is made right where the sex dolls are made in the manufacturer’s warehouses. This then means they understand the best way for you to store your doll without causing it any harm or defects. You hang it in a suspended upright posture with no contact on any surface to keep the curvy figure.

  • Is a curvy doll too heavy for intercourse?

The net weight of 142cm-168cm sex dolls range from 25kgs to 34kgs. Please choose the right weight according to your preference. Some of the customers prefer a heavy one because it’s also a good way to exercise. Exactly, at least that works. As time goes by, your muscles will adapt and you will be able to handle your curvy doll much easier. Having sex with the curvy sex doll is like having sex with real women, they will not put much weight on you unless you want to try some difficult sex position like “girl on top”.

  • Why do I have to choose a curvy doll compared to a small one?

When choosing a doll, you want her to be as realistic as possible, therefore you want her to have a real woman’s body. Curvy sex dolls are characterized with finer figure details, a full-sized body, and a more lifelike real female. You will feel the greatest love, companionship, and more realism with a curvy doll other than a small one. This is perfectly understandable.

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