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Celebrity Sex Doll

Sexual Fantasy Come True
Lucky for you, our top and new celebrity sex doll collection make your sexual fantasy about pornstar or celebrity finally come true. In URealdolls, you can have a Japanese AV actress sex doll, an American pornstar sex doll, a famous character like Wonder Women, The Mother of Dragons, and more. Choose your favorite celebrity to explore your sex desire. Celebrities are far away to catch in reality, they only show up on TV, Ads, Billboards. But now you can have your celebrity sex doll just like the one your dream about. She exactly looks like your girl, and only to sever you.

She is Hot and Safe to Use
Some online sex doll store will send you the blow-up sex doll even if spend a realistic sex doll money. But it will never happen to you in our store. Our celebrity sex dolls are made of the best material, TPE or silicone, which is super realistic, soft, durable, and safe. Her body, her boobs, her ass is super soft, smooth to touch, you can’t tell the difference between her and the real women. She smells good, not a bad smell, you can feel free to use her. There will no risk of pregnancy/STI’s, all you need to do is clean her after you used them.

Multiple Size and Height to Choose From
To better meet everyone needs, URealdolls offer different size, styles, heights of a pornstar sex doll. You can have 142cm, 145cm, 152cm,158cm,168cm to choose from, and with various cup sizes like C-Cup Size, D-Cup Size, E-Cup Size, to satisfy every man’s desire. If you require the sex doll below 140cm, please free free to contact us via [email protected]


  • Can I get the same cloth in the pictures?

No, we don’t offer the same cloth that displays on our site, we only offer a set of lingerie for you. Besides, you can buy the same cloth from Amazon, or eBay which is much cheaper than other stores.

  • Why your sex doll is much cheaper than other stores?

First, we have a huge factory which reduces the supply chain, costs and brings more affordable prices to you.
Second, we have multiple warehouses around the world, we don’t include the shipping fee into the final price(other stores do that).
Third, resellers want more money, we also do, but we want more loyal customers.

  • Can I make some tattoos on my celebrity sex doll?

No, the ink will spread out on her skin, which could damage her skin and ruin your love doll. If you insist, you can buy some stickers instead of tattoos.

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