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168cm(5.5ft) Sex Doll

168cm sex dolls is a spectacular collection of sex dolls that is 5.5ft in height. This is one of the most desirable heights for regular men who are impressed by girls of this height. 168cm adult dolls are of the moderately higher statues with extremely seductive looks and appealing body figure and posture. These 168cm dolls are up for real pleasure and you cannot miss the chance. You can find that the 168cm collection is the most stunning new lovers in various. You can also see the amazing discounts we provide.

The benefits of owning a 168cm love doll

The inspiring owners feel the greatest love, passion, companionship, and realism with a tall doll that is much closer to their own height. This is perfectly understandable. In this case, we would like to recommend getting a doll close to your height for realism. Even they are much heavier than shorter dolls which are about 34kgs, but as time goes by, your muscles will get used to it and you are capable to handle it much easier. Most men would probably prefer this kind of sex dolls, and if you use them for photographic purposes these dolls are the best ones to go.

The 168cm sex dolls are the easiest to find clothing, wig, and other accessories for, the only disadvantage is they can hardly find a place to hide. But on the positive side, if you live alone and want a true companion with extraordinary features, the full-sized 168cm dolls are the preferred choice for you.

The 168cm sex dolls will bring fulfillment to your life

They can provide incredible amounts of affection and companionship. They will take away that feeling of emptiness in your life by always being there. What you can achieve with a realistic love doll is astounding. When you get home, you will always want to be united with your loved girl. Having someone in your life who is always there waiting can bring incredible fulfillment to your dull and tedious days.


  • Are the 168cm sex dolls too heavy to have sex?

The net weight of 168cm sex dolls is about 34kgs. Some of the customers prefer a heavy one because it’s also a good way to exercise. Exactly, at least that works. As time goes by, your muscles will adapt and you will be able to handle your love doll much easier. If you have a bad back issue, then you should go for a lighter one.

  • Is the metal skeleton strong enough to take heavyweight?

Yes, for sure. All 168cm sex dolls come with a sturdy stainless metal skeleton inside. It can fully take the dolls’ weight even have your weight on it.

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