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158cm(5.2ft) Sex Doll

Are you looking for the most realistic sex experience with a lifelike sex doll? Or if you are tired of your small mini sex doll, you want to try something real and close to a real human being. Browse this collection of all 158cm (5.18ft) sex dolls on URealdolls and find your favorite sexy doll. We collected all 158cm love dolls here in the list so that you can find the perfect one for yourself as quickly as you can.

158cm sex doll is molded by real women

158cm sex dolls that provide ultimate sex pleasure to men of all ages. They are of a height of a real person and with the same proportions of a body of a real one, perhaps even better. The weight is about 32kgs that is not too heavy to carry or pose sex positions. With the perfect height and weight, and super curvy figures, these dolls prove to be your ideal sex partner. We have a huge collection of 5.2ft love dolls, they come with multiple skin color options and different cute appearances that can easily arouse your carnal lust. They are ready for you and enjoy sexy foreplay and indulge in exciting sex that will pamper your sense and make you go crazy.

Why buy a 158cm sex doll?

Inspiring doll users are always hunting for something super real. As they occupy lifelike bodies, they are capable to wear normal size women’s clothes, you don’t have to worry about where to buy any accessories. At the same time, they are the best models for photo shooting, adorable looking, alluring curvy figure, and easy to pose any positions according to your photography request. The only disadvantage is those hotties are a little bit more expensive than shorter dolls. But they are the best choice for those seeking the most realistic-sized doll and better sex experience.


  • Is a 158cm sex doll too heavy to carry?

As long as you don’t have any back problem, a 158cm sex doll is not too hard to carry for adult men.

  • Does a 158cm sex doll really more realistic than a small doll?

Absolutely, 158cm is the average woman’s height, you can have eye contact with them horizontally and hug them in your arms like a real woman. Comparing to a small love doll, a 158cm sex doll is your perfect girlfriend.

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