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152cm(4.98ft) Sex Doll

Fantastic and realistic sex experience you can have

We have divided into different heights of TPE sex dolls, here in this collection we recommend 152cm (4.98ft) sex dolls for your reference. You can choose the best sexual partner according to your needs and take your height into the consideration. They are about 29kgs which is almost the half weight of a real woman. They all come with human characteristics which are created for pornography to satisfy your carnal desire. These super real TPE adult dolls have a lifelike human body, breasts, and genitals that are molded to real women. More and more adult men and women are using dolls to try different sexual fun and explore exciting sexual pleasure. The 152cm sex dolls are so realistic that they are capable to provide a feeling of intense sex experience for their owners.

Best height option at the lowest price

From the visual and your personal habits, you will absolutely like a woman that fits the ideals of your fantasy, so a 152cm goes to a good option as the height is suitable for most men. In a way, this makes them more sexy and realistic. The inspiring owners are able to express their emotional creatures according to their own impression, and surely choosing a fittable size will make them happier.

Lifelike love dolls of different heights will also directly affect the prices. The larger size of dolls, the more costs are needed, and in order to maintain good quality, we have to make it in strict accordance with the standards and double quality control checking. So that you will have more fun and relaxation, and you can adjust the doll to your preferent sex position for a great sex experience.

So if you are looking for more than just sex, you want a companion in your boring life, then a doll at 152cm height is what you are after. Or if you buy a doll mostly for photography reasons, these 152cm dolls are probably the good ones. There will be no problem finding clothes and wig for them as well.


  • What’s the advantage to buy from URealdolls?

We offer a full selection of affordable and high-quality realistic sex dolls. We aim to produce the best sex dolls to make our value customer’s dream come true. Whatever type of sex dolls you are looking for, our team will make sure to guarantee the best customer experience and to ensure that we offer you the doll that fits your needs the best.

  • Is a 152cm sex doll too heavy for a regular man?

Actually not at all. If you are strong, a 29kgs sex doll is easy for you to carry. If you are not that strong, a 29kgs sex doll is quite good for workout exercise while you are having sex with her. Your muscles will get used to the weight shortly.

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