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145cm(4.76ft) Sex Doll

Full-sized 145cm (4.7ft) sex doll collection

Find the best selection of 145cm sex dolls with the most affordable prices in the URealdolls shop. If you are looking for a faithful sexual partner, we recommend the 145cm sex dolls in this collection. We have the best TPE dolls, designed to meet your every carnal lust. They come with a full-sized curvy figure, multiple breast cup sizes and butts, and a flexible metal skeleton with adjustable joints. You can easily control her and show off your sexual skills.

The benefits of owning a 145cm sex doll

A 145cm lifelike sex doll is a good one for a beginner. They are about 25kgs weight and that is not heavy for an average guy. Whatever sex positions you want, she is capable to meet your request. You can give your real size 145cm doll with beautiful lingerie and dresses to make her sexier. All of your dirty fantasies can be fulfilled by your dream girl. Lay down your girl on the bed as you wish, and spend your tiresome and boring nights with her. A perfect sex doll will completely change your lifestyle.

We have the best quality 145cm love dolls when comparing to other online shops, the price on the other shops may double even triple. URealdolls aims to offer good quality dolls at the lowest price so that everyone is affordable to buy them.

Best sex skill booster you can find on our shop

If you are too shy or insecure to learn sex, or maybe your partner is not able or willing to make you better, you can greatly improve your skills when you practice with a doll. From the comfortable way to breathe and thrust, the doll allows you to find a solution to sexual deficiencies you may have.


  • Why your sex doll is much cheaper than other stores?

First, we have a huge factory which reduces the supply chain, costs and brings more affordable prices to you.

Second, we have multiple warehouses around the world, we don’t include the shipping fee into the final price(other stores do that).

Third, resellers want more money, we also do, but we want more loyal customers.

  • Can I customize a sex doll?

We are really sorry that we don’t provide customized service, as some of the dolls are in the warehouses already, and some dolls ship from the factory that can not be customized either. We have to deal with up to 100 orders every day, we want our customers to receive the doll as soon as possible. If you don’t like the nail’s color or makeup, you are capable of DIY it yourself when you receive your love doll.

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