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142cm(4.6ft) Sex Doll

Are you tired of the mini sex dolls that you have? And if you want to try another the most economic type, the 142cm(4.6ft) sex dolls are the best choice. In URealdolls, we have presented diverse 142cm sex dolls here for selection, as 142cm sex dolls are neither too heavy nor way too expensive. They are the best dream girl you should take home.

Why a 142cm sex doll is the most cost-effective type?

The love doll under 142cm is nothing realistic as a real adult woman, as they are not as tall as a real woman either. When you hug and have sex with it, you can feel nothing for it. Because they are too tiny to intimate lifelike sex. The dolls above 142cm are great and very close to normal women’s height, the only disadvantages are the expensive price and heavyweight. So a 142cm love doll is the perfect one, they are neither too small nor too heavy to carry and hide. At URealdolls shop, we have various 142cm options with multiple types, includes numerous ages, skin tone, and multiple body features.

The confidence booster for you

The 142cm sex dolls are not too burdensome to pose sex positions and carry, you will improve your real-life sex techniques and restore your confidence in human relationships. You will get surprised by the 142cm unbelievable dolls you haven’t even dreamed of.

The 142cm love doll will help you to release all that negative daily energy, think better, and pleasant company. They have no demands, the only comfort offer. Your perfect partner, she will always like what you like, she is always ready and never tired, there are no bad moments for her.


  • Can I get a replacement head for my 142cm sex doll?

Yes, we have various sex doll heads on sale right now. If you bought the 142cm sex doll from us, so these heads are matched to use. If you are tired of the old one, please feel free to pick up a new head for your doll.

  • What’s the weight of a 142cm sex doll?

The average weight of 142cm dolls is about 25kgs. It’s not burdensome at all to carry and clean.

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