Best 7 Tips for TPE Sex Doll Care Guide

It must be an excited and very memorable day for you when you got your first sex doll. But please hold on before having the first sex with her. What you should do first is to learn the guidelines on how to take good care and maintenance of your sex dolls, especially the TPE sex dolls.

A full-body sex doll is a quite expensive toy and deserves to keep clean and be well maintained. While the comprehensive guide is the cheats on ensuring the hygiene and longevity of your new TEP sex dolls.

Please just follow our guidelines below to keep your TPE sex dolls or dolls in TPE body as soft as the new one, and add years to their life.

The First Day

The first day is a very critical period for maintaining your TPE sex doll in a good condition. Here are some steps for your reminder:

  1. Please be careful with your tools to unpack the package, especially when you open the box with a knife. Be patient and don’t cut too much.
  2. After lifting the doll out of the box, it needs to be washed with soap and water to remove chemical smell.
  3. Use a soft towel and dip it in soapy water to wipe your doll gently. It’s recommended to repeat this process 5 to 6 times to ensure complete removal of production residues.
  4. Then put your doll on one piece or several pieces of thick blankets on the floor to absorb moisture.
  5. When it’s completely dry, you can apply baby lotion to the whole body and keep its elastic on the skin. If you feel sticky, baby powder is a good choice to solve this problem.
TPE young girl looking sex doll


We understand that most of you are preferring to dress up your love doll to keep her sexy and beautiful. Basing on its character of porous and easy to get stained, please follow the guidance below to carefully treat your doll.

1. Wash clothes before dressing. New clothes may have dyes that will stain your doll. So please make sure the clothes be washed and have no possible dyes contaminate the skin.

2. Light-colored clothes are recommended. As mentioned, TPE is a kind of porous material and very easy to get stained by black & dark-colored clothing. But if it gets stained, you can use the TPE doll stain removal to remove the stains. Or, you can also use olive oil and a wet cloth to wipe the stains off.

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TPE Skin Care

1. Tender skin areas need careful weekly care. Apply body lotion to the delicate parts of the doll, especially the elbows, knees, armpits, and important parts every week to keep it soft and lifelike smooth.

2. Moisturize the doll skin monthly. Baby oil or petroleum jelly is recommended to oil the TPE skin. That will revitalize and keep your doll skin as soft, smooth, and jiggly as the brand new state.

3. Your doll skin may become sticky. It’s suggested to use baby powder or cornflour to powder her with a thick blush makeup brush weekly or monthly. This step not only could make your doll skin velvety smooth again, but also very important to prevent tearing.

4. Pay attention to clothes or materials that contain dyes or inks, such as newspapers, dark leather, or leather materials with oil-soluble pigments. That is quite easy to stain your sex doll and hard to get it clean.

5. Don’t put your TPE sex doll under the sunshine directly.

6. Water-based lubricant or a well-lubricated water-based condom recommended when you having sex with your doll. Comparing with silicone or petroleum-based lubes, the water-based will be better to protect vaginal, anal, and oral.

skinny TPE sex doll on the bed

Vagina, Anus, and Mouth Cleaning

TPE is a material much more porous than the silicone. So you should clean the vaginal, anal and oral areas of the doll by each use to avoid growing bacteria. You could wipe the skin with wet microfiber cloth. A vaginal irrigator is very recommended to clean the vagina, anus, and mouth by flushing with mild anti-bacterial soap water. Remember that it could not be sterilized. So bleach, rubbing alcohol, and boiling water are forbidden to use.

Realistic TPE sex doll vagina parts


Your TPE sex doll is recommended to clean thoroughly by bathing or showering every 30 days with warm water and antibacterial soap. Here are some remarkable points for your reference:

1. Keep her neck dry and don’t let water enter her body, in case it cannot get fully dry and will cause bacteria and even corrode the internal bones and structures.

2. Do not completely submerge your doll under the water.

3. You can wipe and then let your doll dried by natural air or light blowing with the cold wind, but do not use hair dryers or other heat sources. Because the heat may give off an unpleasant smell, and will seriously melt the TPE material.

4. After drying, you can apply some powder to the doll to prevent friction damage.

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Wig Care

When you need to clean your doll’s hair, you need to remove the wig and wash it with mild shampoo and conditioner. To prevent the hair from tangling, you can comb it before washing. After the cleaning, it’s suggested to dry the wig on the wig holder and don’t use a hairdryer. That could help to protect the hair and rebound your doll’s hairstyle and looks more natural. However, please don’t dry the wig on your doll’s head, and the hairdressing products are forbidden to use, as they may damage her face and skin.


Storage and Placement

To keep your lovely TPE sex doll in a good condition, proper storage and placement is required and we made some useful tips for you.

1. Most important, powder your love doll to protect her skin from oil and dust.

2. Make sure your sex doll been placed in a separate space. Besides that, you need to reset the joints and put them back in a natural position, with arms facing down and legs closed. Because TPE is a very soft material, any squeeze or collide could cause an irrecoverable deform or tear to her.

3. Keep away from sharp objects.

4. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent aging of TPE materials.

5. Keep it away from moisture and keep it dry to prevent bacteria.

6.Place your sex doll on a soft surface and cover with a soft blanket to avoid sticking and creasing. If you have enough budget, you can find a space or buy a closet  with specialist hangers and hooks to prevent deformity and dust.

7.Gently hug and move your doll, in case of deformity or tear.

8.Keep your doll away from the children. She’s not a toy for them.


Wrap Up

Here are the comprehensive TPE sex doll care guides gave by us. Hope you could learn and practice from the seven aspects to maintain and clean your lovely doll and would keep her in a good state just like the day delivery to you, and also extend her longevity with you.

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