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Sex Dolls vs Sex Toys, Which One Better to Go For?

Sex is not a topic that you could easily shun, as every people need it. Humans are constantly trying, innovating, and exploring ways and means to acquire sexual experience for a long history. Sex dolls, sex toys, or masturbation are the methods for people to vent their sexual fantasies and achieve their psychological needs. When there are multiple methods, means multiple choices. Sex dolls vs sex toys, which one you prefer?

Before we making the comparison between sex dolls and sex toys, it’s necesssary to have a comprehensive understanding about them.

  • Differences in sex doll & sex toy types
  • Differences in materials
  • Differences in sexual experiences
  • Which one should to choose?

Differences in Types of Sex Doll & Sex Toy

Types of Sex Doll

Sex doll is a kind of life-like doll stimulating sexual feelings and achieves users’ sexual desire with realistic facial features and body size. In the past, sex doll means inflatable dolls. With the development in technology and more choices on material, sex dolls are keeping in constant development and evolution and now developed into silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls.

Currently, the choices of sex dolls varied by the materials or material combinations, and the most key factor, by the prices. An inflatable sex doll is the cheapest one. Light and easy to use, but ugly and fake in appearance. Silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls both look more realistic and could bring users better sex feelings, as well as more sexual carnal parts: oral cavity, vagina, and anus.

TPE young girl looking sex doll

Types of Sex Toy

Sex toys refer to items that can directly stimulate the human body to induce and enhance sexual stimulation, including sex dolls, comforters, massagers, etc.

In other words, dildos, vibrators, and artificial vaginas, all are included under the sex toys column. By the way, adult equipments and erotic aids are synonymous. In this article, we unified it by sex toy for easy understanding.

Sexual needs should not be defined as exclusive to men. Women also have the right to choose their favorite toys to please themselves and satisfy their sexual needs in a way they like.

What the sex toys we could find in the adult market are inflatable dolls, female buttocks molds, artificial vaginas, vibrating eggs, vibrating sticks, simulation tints, clitoral massagers, G-spots, delay rings, restraint SM appliances, etc. These toys are popular on people of all ages for all sexes.

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Differences in Materials of Sex Doll & Sex Toy

Materials of sex dolls

Sex dolls are basically produced by polymer organic compounds such as PE, Thermoplastic Elastomer material (PE), Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR).

The inflatable sex doll is made of polymer organic compounds (PE). It’s a doll with only plastic skin and needs to be pumped up to use. While the vagina is usually made of soft materials such as silicone or TPE materials to give a realistic sexual feeling.

TPE sex doll is made of TPE materials (thermoplastic elastomer). Which gives the doll a very soft touch and lifelike skin. Metal frames are inserted and support the dolls to be placed in several positions. Flexible joints allow you to make love with the TPE dolls in multiple sexual poses. TPE is a kind of material with high resilience and soft-touch, then the booms and bottom of the dolls could reflect in realistic wobbling like a real woman.

Silicone sex doll is made by polymer mixed with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, which is more famous as Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR). Widh good mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and heat resistance, silicone is the most often used material for making physical sex dolls. This kind of sex doll has delicate appearance and easy to clean.

Full body nude silicone sex doll

Materials of sex toys

Most sex toys nowadays are made of plastic in the following types.

1. At the beginning, sex toys are almost made of polyvinyl chloride PVC, which is the same as the raw materials of most plastic products today. The problem of this material is that it must be added with a plasticizer. However, plasticizers are made of environmental hormones. Long-term exposure may cause abnormal development of the reproductive system of the fetus, and may even induce teratogenesis and the risk of cancer in the user. So it less used now.

2. The second type is ABS plastic. It is a copolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. Generally, cheap vibrating eggs are made by this kind of material. The problem is that it is a little bit stiff.

3. The third type is thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), this material combines the characteristics of plastic and rubber, relatively soft. Which is usually used for artificial vaginas, and the other part needs soft touches.

4. The best and most expensive material is silicone. It has many features, such as strong adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, compact structure, no bacterial residues, no additives, and can be cleaned with hot water. The longevity can reach several years and so on. Generally, high-end sex toys are made of silicone.

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Differences in Sexual Experiences of Sex Doll & Sex Toy

Sexual experience of sex doll

As the sex doll has equal proportions in appearance, stature, weight, sex organs, etc like a real woman. Having sex with your love doll, that most like make love with a real woman. The comparison between TPE Sex Doll Vs Silicone Sex Doll could help you learn more details of the feeling of having sex with dolls. Besides, you could learn more than that like the TPE sex doll maintenance, cleaning, dress-up. Compared with the sex toy, sex doll is bigger in size and could only use at home.

Realistic TPE Japanese sex doll

Sexual experience of sex toy

Sex toys now are almost electric. So the first big advantage on sex experience is that the pleasure and orgasm will come more straight, faster, and with less effort. Because the frequency of vibration is greater than the frequency of masturbation or by having with the dolls.

Second, sex toys could be used to explore the sensitive zone on your body more directly. And the small size allows users to take and use it at anywhere.

Third, sex toys can also improve the relationship between partners, increasing love interest and good sexual relations.

sex toy for clitoral orgasm

Sex Doll & Sex Toy, Which One Should I Choose?

When come to the question which one should you go for, that depends on some factors below:

Cost: A sex doll may cost $100 – $1000, while a sex toy may cost below $100.

Storage: Sex doll is in a big size like a real women and could only use at home. While a sex toy is smaller and could be taken and used at any where.

Sex experience: Sex doll allow you to enjoy the love process and try different positions. By the careful maintemance, you will feel a company giving by her. While sex toy could make you have the sex much easier, simple and fast.

Wrap up

There are no standard and correct answer on which one to go for. Any choice could be made and affected by the factors you cared about. But I hope you could get some useful tips and information on make your choice on no matter sex doll or sex toy.

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