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Inflatable Doll vs TPE Sex Doll, What’s the Difference?

Now the sex doll industry has completely changed people’s sexual lifestyle. After a long way of development, the sex dolls industry has experienced several technological leaps in terms of production materials, size, type, and function. Which has become the most essential supplement and sexual partner for people who like to masturbate or need sexual companionship.

There are basically three kinds of sex dolls available in the market. They are inflatable dolls, TPE sex dolls, and silicone sex dolls. With the advancement of technology, each kind of sex doll has been carefully designed to provide maximum sexual pleasure. In this article, we will guide you through what’s the difference between inflatable sex dolls and TPE sex dolls so that you can decide what to buy for yourself.

History of Sex Dolls

For most people who have no basic understanding of adult products or sex toys, sex dolls may just mean inflatable dolls to you. Well, that’s because the original sex dolls mostly used inflatable designs, so they were also called inflatable dolls. Stepping into the 21st century, sex dolls are made of gel or resin with shape memory with lifelike skin and have spherical joints that can make different movements. Which could give the sex doll lovers a more realistic tactile feeling and a more hot-blooded sexual experience.

History of Sex Dolls

What is the inflatable doll?

The material of the inflatable doll is basically the simplest structure of polymer organic compounds such as PE. Morphologically, it just plastic skin and needs to be expanded with gas to reach the size of a real person. Taking into account the real user experience when having sex with the doll, the vagina will still be made of soft silicone or TPE materials.

You will understand that the inflatable doll could not give you a realistic feeling by seeing the pneumatized form. Also, it’s impossible to try different sexual positions with it. The most practical reason people would like to buy it is that it’s the cheapest sex doll you can find on the market.

Pay attention that doesn’t be cheated by some inflatable doll merchants who use the name of physical dolls to promote the inflatable dolls with great fanfare.

inflatable sex doll

Pros of inflatable doll:

  • Cheap
  • Light
  • Part of the channel can be replaced;
  • Easy to collect
  • Simple clean

Cons of inflatable doll:

  • Unable to change posture, and the texture is not very good
  • Easy to break
  • No realistic feeling
  • Might be cheated when buying
man with a inflatable doll

What is a TPE sex doll?

While the TPE sex doll is made of TPE materials (thermoplastic elastomer). That makes the doll have a very soft touch and lifelike skin. The flexible joints made by an articulated metal frame allow you to make love with the TPE dolls in multiple sexual poses. Given the property of the high resilience and soft touch of TPE, the realistic wobbling of body parts of this kind of love doll could bring you better visual and psychological, and physical sexual stimulation.

Comparatively, the TPE sex doll is much realistic and lifelike than the inflatable dolls. The appearance and the degree of simulation are much higher than the inflatable doll, almost the same as the real person. As the good flexibility, the purpose of physical TPEdolls is more extensive than inflatable ones, such as dressing up, cosplay, photography models, display models, etc. So it could not only satisfy the doll lovers’ sexual cravings but also be a real toy or partner in their life.


Pros of TPE sex doll:

  • First of all, its interior is not inflatable but solid.
  • Realistic touch, delicate skin tone like a real person.
  • Joints of the TPE doll are made of a polymer synthetic resin material with a mechanical bracket inside so that it can change posture as you want.
  • Automatic heating design, which can heat the vagina and chest to a temperature similar to the temperature of the real human body at 37°C. That makes it closer to the feeling of a real person.

Cons of TPE sex doll:

  • The TPE dolls are relatively heavy, basically weighing more than 40 kilograms.
  • TPE dolls are generally more expensive than inflatable dolls.
  • Easy to oil and sticky
  • More complicated maintenance steps
American Young Lifelike Male Sex Doll

Differences Between Inflatable Dolls and TPE Sex Dolls

Before deciding which doll to buy, you should learn some knowledge about the sex dolls from some aspects ranging from the material, price, appearance, stimulation degree, etc. With a full understanding of the differences between them, you could make the choice that suits you more, enjoy the most impressive sexual experience, and maximize her value of sexual happiness and companionship for you.

Price Difference

The price differences between the inflatable dolls and TPE sex dolls reflected by the materials, design, production process, warehousing, etc.

The inflatable sex doll is basically very cheap as it is just plastic with simple material. While the TPE is comparatively expensive as its material and the more complicated design and workmanship.

Stimulation Degree

The inflatable doll looks very simple and monotonous by the limitation of material. Because its face cannot be well sculptured and makeup like a real person. It can only have a shape of a person after inflating.

The material decided the TPE sex dolls have an appearance very close to a real person. It has delicate makeup and faces, eyes, and even a fashion hairstyle. All these characters make the TPE sex doll more beautiful, sexy, charming, and attractive than inflatable ones. The joint deformation allows it could be placed in various positions. With technology support, you could choose to have a love doll with big breasts, round buttocks, thick thighs, or any other features that can be selected according to your taste.

Super lifelike young girl looking sex doll


The inflatable doll is very light and only weighs around 2.5 kg. It needs to keep away from the sharp and rough bumps while using. Or it cannot be used as air leak happening. It could be well stored as it’s shrinkable.

TPE has a higher density, plus the metal structure, and the TPE sex doll weights heavier than the inflatable doll. Basically, the TPE doll ranges from 12 kg to 50 kg. Remember to be careful when you carry it out to avoid tearing.

super fake sex doll

Clean and Maintenance

The inflatable doll is very simple to clean and maintain. But take care of the sharp objects. For the maintenance of the vagina made of TPE or silicone, you could refer to the clean and maintenance methods of the TPE sex doll and silicone sex doll.

On the contrary, the TPE sex doll required more clean and maintenance steps and tips before using, after using, and normal maintaining. Check the details in this article 7 Useful Tips for TPE Sex Doll Care Guide.

Simply, the basic attribute differences could be summarized:

1. Inflatable dolls are hollow and air-inflated with very lightweight. While TPE sex dolls are solid physical dolls, the size, and weight just like a real person.

2. Inflatable dolls suit for beginners to explore the feeling of masturbation or just want an easy sexual desire. TPE sex dolls suit people who have a certain economic ability to afford a comparatively expensive toy. They are passionate to love the dolls, clean and maintain the dolls with special beauty appreciation.

3. From the level of sexual stimulation, the TPE sex doll is much better. Realistic appearance and soft skin, and elastic breasts and buttocks give the doll lovers multiple layers of real human sexual experience.


Wrap up

It would be a simple choice to choose the inflatable doll if you have no much money as a beginner. If you prefer a lifelike sex experience and high-quality dolls, then TPE sex doll is currently a nice choice to go.

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