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Sex doll is a sex life-changer in 2021, especially during the pandemic. Many people said that they can find comfort in their lonely nights with a love doll. URealdolls is the best place to get your first love doll, we work so hard to offer good service and the best product for you. Our factory and professional team is dedicated to developing, producing, and designing sex dolls to provide the best quality and low-priced doll for sex doll lovers or doll collectors.

URealdolls goal is to provide the best experience for our customers, and we always put our customers in the first place, so all the silicone sex dolls or TPE sex doll in our store are high-quality. URealdolls have huge collections of lifelike sex doll, any styles you like, you can find it here.

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Urealdoll has a new high-end TPE sex doll and Silicone sex doll. These sex dolls have the most realistic touch feeling, lifelike outlook, and excellent durability. It’s no bad smell, healthy, safe, and super soft. All the love dolls are extremely well-made, so the vaginal area never wears down, and other body parts can’t ever fall out. The best choice for a long-lasting doll.

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We put your privacy as our top concern. No one will know what you purchased with our Discreet Package and Discreet Billing. And our payment system has been verified as an SSL secure website. We provide PayPal and credit card, debit card secure payment. All your banking information and personal data are fully secure thanks to the SSL encryption protocol.

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Urealdoll has 4+ years of experience in sex doll manufacturing, designing. We have a super large factory with 7000 ㎡ and 200+ professional employees for producing the sex doll. We are the most promising brand in this industry and loved by millions of customers all over the world.

Why Should I Choose URealdolls Over Other Online Stores?

  • High-quality with the lowest price;
  • Real and huge sex doll factory;
  • EU/US warehouse for quick shipping experience;
  • Huge love doll collection for any style, gender, look, and age;
  • Sex doll looks 100% like the picture display;
  • Protect you buying experience from scam with our secure payment. 

About URealdolls

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Factory Advantages

Urealdoll is a professional doll manufacturer and online store.

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In Stock Dolls

We have multiple warehouses in the EU and USA, you can get your to love doll in 3-8 days.

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Free Shipping Worldwide

For any type of sex doll, we offer free shipping worldwide

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24/7/365 Support

We are here for supporting any doll question anytime, please contact us via online chat or email.

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Discreet Package 

Your privacy is our top concern, no one will know what you purchase from our store.

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Up to 50% off

You can always find the best price and deal from here. Lowest price without sacrifice quality.

What is a sex doll?

A sex doll is a masturbation toy for sex aid, molded by real women. It has a realistic face and perfect body made of the world’s most lifelike material-TPE and silicone to fulfill the sex fantasy for couples and single people. 

In fact, sex doll has existed for 300 +years, the “dutch wives” are named as the 17th-century Dutch sailors who made the masturbation puppets out of cloths and leathers and even sold them to the Japanese. At that time, a sex doll is just a sex toy, but now, a sex doll is not only to fulfill people’s sex desire, but also the best companionship for people who feel lonely and need to comfort.

Sex dolls are built-in metal skeleton, so they have flexible joints to pose any sex position you like. What’s more, she is only half the weight of a real human being of comparable size, you are allowed to carry and store them easily. 

There are male sex dolls and female sex dolls, or shemale sex doll for you to choose from, and they have beautiful faces and perfect bodies than real people, so the sex doll market is booming in the lastest years. 

Why Should I Buy a Sex Doll?

A realistic sex doll has no demands, the only comfort to offer. She is your perfect partner, and always likes what you like, and always listens to you, respects you, never disobeys you. Furthermore, you can choose the doll you like according to your tastes and pick the one that meets your fantasy. You must be surprised what you can get from a sex doll.

We should admit that sex doll is not a real human, she can’t talk to you, no emotional connect, but she is always there for you, never leave you with another man and she won’t argue with you, anytime you are ready, the hole is staying tight for you. 

Many men lost their beloved wife or handicapped and disabled people, or some couples want to spice up their sex life without cheating each other for whom sex dolls are convenient and non-judgmental companions. 

For any folks who live alone but still want company, then a sex doll can be a real girlfriend to you. For any man who is too busy or too shy to have a real relationship, then a sex doll is the best companion in your life. For any guys who want just sexual pleasure but difficulty finding a date or hookup in reality, the sex doll can fill in your lonely nights. For anyone who has always fantasized about having sex experience with their favorite celebrity or porn stars, then buy the love doll to look exactly like the one you admire, and make your dream come true.

  • No risk of pregnancy/STDs
  • Save money and time for dating
  • No need for warm-ups or foreplay during sexual intercourse
  • Be the best listener only to you
  • No need to have an emotional connection
  • A good visual enjoyment
  • It won’t feel any pain during sex
  • She will never grow old

How Long Does a Sex Doll Last?

In fact, sex dolls are made with the most durable and soft material, TPE or silicone. They can be used for at least 10 years if you give her good care and cleaning after every time used, pay attention to some maintenance and care methods, which will make your sex dolls have a longer lifespan. For example, don’t get water on the joints or heads and don’t wear faded clothes.

If you use the sex doll every day and night or treat carelessly with the doll, it will certainly lessen the life span of the doll. URealdolls has the best quality-control team to minimize the quality flaw to zero, so you will never receive the low-quality doll, which you can use your love doll for a very long time.


Is URealdolls legit?

Yes, we are legit. We treat our customers as friends, We promise that we will never be a scam. Besides, we also want to build a long-term business in this market.

Why our price is cheaper than their store?

Good question. As we are a real sex doll manufacturer, we don’t work with other agencies, so we can offer our customers the best price with high-quality.

When will my order ship out?

Your sex doll will ship out from the near warehouse, for the in-stock dolls, it only took 3 days. but during the pandemic, it may take longer.

Can I customize the sex doll?

No, you may not. We don’t provide the customize service for now, but we will in the coming future.

Can you ship to India, Korea, African?

No, we may not.

 How can I pay?

You can pay by Paypal, credit card, and debit card. If you require other payment methods, please contact us via [email protected]


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